Ontario Endangered Species Act

Ontario’s Endangered Species Act, 2007 (ESA) is the province’s legislative commitment to protecting and recovering species at risk and their habitat. The purposes of Ontario’s ESA are to identify species at risk based on the best available local and scientific knowledge, including Traditional Ecological Knowledge; to protect species at risk and their habitat and promote their recovery; and to promote stewardship activities to support the protection and recovery of these species. Polar Bear is listed as a threatened species under the ESA, which protects both the animal and its habitat. Under the ESA, the preparation of a number of documents for species at risk is required, including a government response statement. See the government response statement for Polar Bears outlining the actions needed to support the protection and recovery of the species.

For further information on how Ontario is supporting the protection and recovery of polar bears in that province, please visit the polar bear page of the government's Species at risk in Ontario list.